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Measure RR
2016 Citizens' Oversight Committee

Per Proposition 39, the Mt. San Antonio College Citizens' Oversight Committee is principally charged with ensuring the proper expenditure of bond funding for campus construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement of campus facilities, and informing the public concerning the expenditure of bond proceeds.  Members are appointed by the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees and represent various sectors of the community including businesses, seniors, taxpayers, students, and an advisory body or Foundation of the College.

Michael Shay, Committee Chair
President, Mt. SAC Foundation
(Appointed January 2013; Re-appointed January 2015)

Business/Community Representatives
  • Emmett Badar, Retired LAPD Detective Supervisor (Appointed January 2016)
  • Robert A. Carter, Self-Employed Architect (Appointed March 2015)
  • Andrew L. Jared, Attorney, Law Offices of Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin (Appointed January 2014; Re-appointed January 2016)
  • Judy Nieh, Certified Public Accountant (Appointed January 2016)
  • Chester Sasaki, Co-Owner, Seniors Helping Seniors (Appointed January 2014)
  • Alta Skinner, Retired Bonita Unified School District Administrator (Appointed January 2014)
Senior Citizens' Organization Representative
  • Suzanne Gomez, Member, Irwindale Senior Citizens Association (Appointed January 2014; Re-appointed January 2016)
Taxpayer Association Representative
  • Paul H. Maselbas, Principal Engineer, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works(Appointed January 2014; Re-appointed January 2016)

Student Organization Representative
  • Jonnatthan Ortez, Associated Students, Mt. SAC Activities Committee, Student Task Force Committee, Accreditation Steering Committee (Appointed October 2014; Re-appointed January 2016)

College Advisory Council or Foundation Representative
  • Michael Shay, President, Mt. SAC Foundation (Appointed January 2013; Re-appointed January 2015)