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General Evacuation Procedures for Students and Employees

If you hear the evacuation alarm or are instructed to leave the building:

  • Remain calm
  • Follow all directions from your instructor or designated Building
  • Evacuate the building to the nearest Emergency Assembly Area (EAA). Take keys, coat, purse and any other critical personal items with you as you will not be allowed to reenter the No exceptions.
  • Use stairways Do not use elevators.
  • Notify Public Safety at extension 4555.
  • Public Safety will call 9-1-1, when warranted.
  • Close doors as rooms are vacated.
  • Assist those who need help but do not put your self at risk attempting to rescue trapped or injured victims. Individuals requiring special assistance should assemble in areas designated as such.
  • Note location of trapped and injured victims and notify Floor Captain, Building Marshal, Building Manager, Incident Commander, or other emergency responders.
  • Floor Captains will walk through the building to ensure evacuation is complete.
  • Remain in EAA until further instructions are given.
  • Do not reenter the building unless officially authorized to do so after the "All Clear" is given by the Building Marshal or authorized Public Safety personnel.
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